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Compare energy suppliers across the market to get the best deals for your business and get a FREE energy management dashboard.

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Our Offer

Cheaper tariffs with energy management services

Q Energy compares energy suppliers across the market to provide the best deals for your business, along with our own smart electricity contract - which delivers a fully fixed tariff with quarterly cash-back rebates on bills.

We have relationships with all major energy suppliers, enabling us to compare the market for you and explore the cheapest fixed tariffs for electricity , gas and water supply contracts. As a Q Energy customer, you get FREE access to the QEnergy ™ Dashboard - to monitor your energy usage, track your bills, receive tips to increase your savings and carry out energy management.

Get in touch to find out more about our Smart Flexible Tariffs, and see how the quarterly cash-back rebates work.

How We Are Different

Innovative technology & service model

Q Energy operates a local energy club that maximises the use of renewable energy generated from your local area and minimises energy use at peak periods by making use of smart box and battery storage. Smart box enables granular data collection and automated control of energy assets including heating & ventilation systems.

This enables Q Energy to offer smart energy tariffs, which means the customer is charged a fixed p/kWh rate by the energy supplier, Q Energy works to further reduce the customers rate through daily wholesale market trading and reducing energy usage. Customers can track the smart tariff’s performance and the associated savings on a daily basis.

About Us

Passionate team with a global vision

Q Energy is a UK based digital energy services provider, helping customers reduce their energy costs, carbon footprint and operational risk by proactively managing their energy usage, generation and storage of energy.

Q Energy is looking to disrupt & transform the energy intermediaries market with our digital energy services platform - QEnergy ™. We are developing the most efficient approach for achieving Net-Zero carbon at lower costs.

We are putting customers at the heart of our business, helping them make the best decisions related to energy procurement, trading and learn the advantages of being smart with their energy use.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is the QEnergy™ dashboard free?

    Normally, a subscription fee would be charged for the QEnergy™ dashboard, but this will be discounted if you switch your energy contracts through Q Energy or if you agree to participate in the BASEE Government Project. The project is funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy with the aim to reduce the U.K’s overall carbon emissions.

  • 1. Time-of-use tariff with a capped price: QEnergy will put you on a 100% renewable time of use tariff, but charge you an agreed competitive capped price. The capped price means you’ll never pay more than agreed, but by using less energy at peak times, you can pay less than the capped price. The amount you want to save is down to you. All savings will be paid back into your bank account as a quarterly cash back rebate.

    2. Actionable Insights: The dashboard displays how much energy your building is using and how much that energy is costing you. From this data, you’ll receive tips on how you can become more energy efficient by reducing the usage of certain appliances and detecting abnormal usage patterns.

  • There isn’t one. QEnergy takes 30% of the savings made through the time-of-use tariff. This means if you don’t save money, we don’t make money!

  • A Qbox is a device that can be provided by QEnergy to eligible businesses. The Qbox can monitor and control your buildings energy assets such as heating, air-conditioning and heat pumps, to ensure your building is being as cost efficient as possible.

  • Wasting energy hurts the environment. By being more efficient with your energy usage, you’re contributing to the reduction of the U.Ks carbon output. Helping us to slowly reach our net zero carbon target.

  • To get the most out of this service, a half-hourly meter or smart meter is required. If you do not have a smart meter but would like once installed, QEnergy can organise that for you for free.

  • Simply provide QEnergy with a signed letter of authority, service agreement and a recent energy bill. You’ll then be provided with your log-in details and you can begin to get cashback, reduce your carbon output and become energy efficient!


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